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Do You Offer A Guarantee?

OF COURSE! If you’re not happy with the Online Ground School just shoot us an email within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll be happy to refund your money no questions asked.

*Does not apply to special promotions.

Pass Your Checkride Guarantee

The pass your checkride guarantee covers the oral portion of your checkride. Unfortunately since we are not instructing in the plane we can not cover the flight portion of the checkride.
*Applies to Gold memberships only, must be an active member at time of checkride, completed all lessons in associated course and received an endorsement from us.

How Long Does The MzeroA Online Ground School Take?

The MzeroA Online Ground School is filled with hundreds of hours of HD video and community interaction. Plan on spending 3 – 4 months at an average pace to work through all of it.

Does the month run from when you sign up? Or, is it by the calendar month?

The month runs from the day you sign up.

What Are The Differences In The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Package?

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Can You Endorse Me for the Written Test

Is There A Community Inside The Ground School?

For sure! Not only will you be talking and being coached on a regular basis by Jason you’ll also be chatting with other student pilots and flight instructors during the LIVE workshops and checkrides in addition to the online forums.

What Should I Expect Once Inside The Online Ground School?

How does hundreds of hours of HD video, weekly live workshops, monthly live mock checkrides, aviation weather, and TONS of other bonuses sound?

Can I View the Ground School Videos Offline?

How Can I Fly with Jason?

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