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As an online ground school card carrying member. You’ll be surrounded with other like-minded students and pilots who enjoy these special privileges:

  • Over 500 FULL HD Training Videos
  • Complete Private Pilot Ground School
  • Complete Instrument Pilot Ground School
  • Complete Commercial Pilot Ground School
  • Complete Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) Course
  • Earn FAA WINGS Credit For BFR Credit
  • Members Only Forum
  • LIVE Question & Answer Sessions
  • LIVE Weekly Workshops
  • LIVE Mock Checkrides
  • Access To All Past Webinars
  • The Secret To VFR Radio Communications Video
  • The Secret To Cross Country Flight Planning Video
  • Members Only Wholesale Store
  • Private Pilot Knowledge Test Prep
  • Instrument Pilot Knowledge Test Prep
  • Commercial Pilot Knowledge Test Prep
  • Fundamentals of Instruction Test Prep
  • The Secret To Perfect Landings Video
  • Access To My Private Flight Documents
  • 24 Hour Support
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Discover What Other Students Are Saying About Jason Schappert’s Ground School Academy…

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Here’s A Brief Outline of What You’ll Learn Inside Our 500+ Videos:

Private Pilot Ground School 
  • Lesson 1: Why Airplanes Fly
  • Lesson 2: What Is My Airplane Telling Me?
  • Lesson 3: Welcome To The Airport
  • Lesson 4: Takeoffs and Landings
  • Lesson 5: Aircraft Systems
  • Lesson 6: Airspace
  • Lesson 7: Aeronautical Charts & Publications
  • Lesson 8: Rules To Fly By
  • Lesson 9: Aviation Weather Reporting
  • Lesson 10: Handling Emergencies/Hazards
  • Lesson 11: Flight Maneuvers
  • Lesson 12: ADM and Aeromedical Factors
  • Lesson 13: Weather Theory
  • Lesson 14: Cross Country Flying
  • Lesson 15: Your Checkride
Instrument Pilot Ground School 
  • Lesson 1: What Is Instrument Flying?
  • Lesson 2: Aeromedical Factors
  • Lesson 3: How Our Instruments Work/Scanning
  • Lesson 4: Departure
  • Lesson 5: Enroute
  • Lesson 6: Approaches
  • Lesson 7: Physical Weather
  • Lesson 8: Textual Weather
  • Lesson 9: Decision Making
  • Lesson 10: IFR Flight Planning
  • Lesson 11: Inflight Emergencies
  • Lesson 12: Your IFR Checkride
Commercial Pilot Ground School 
  • Lesson 1: Aerodynamics
  • Lesson 2: Weight and Load Factor
  • Lesson 3: Weather
  • Lesson 4: Airport Operations
  • Lesson 5: Airspace
  • Lesson 6: Route Planning
  • Lesson 7: ADM and Aeromedical
  • Lesson 8: Systems
  • Lesson 9: Performance Charts
  • Lesson 10: Flight Maneuvers
  • Lesson 11: Inflight Emergencies
  • Lesson 12: Rules and Regulations
  • Lesson 13: Your Checkride
Fundamentals of Instruction 
  • Lesson 1: Human Behavior
  • Lesson 2: The Learning Process
  • Lesson 3: Effective Communication
  • Lesson 4: The Teaching Process
  • Lesson 5: Assessments
  • Lesson 6: Planning Instructional Activity
  • Lesson 7: Instructor Responsibilities and Professionalism
  • Lesson 8: Techniques of Flight Instruction
  • Lesson 9: Risk Management

AMAZING!!! This Is Truly The Harvard of Ground Schools…Thank You
Dean Hoopengardner
Dean Hoopengardner Brand New Private Pilot!
Dear Jason,

I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your online ground school.

It was just what I was looking for. This course has allowed me to learn new things, keep up the knowledge part of flying and to interact with you and other pilots through the weekly workshops, monthly check rides and webinars.

I have also enjoyed and benefited from the frequent e-mails you have sent. It has also made me realize confidence in my knowledge skills and allowed me to move on to the IFR ground work I have been eager to get to.

I look foreward to continued contact with you and watching your advancement. Keep up the good work.

Casey Denman
Casey Denman Passed Checkride With Just 40.1 Hours
This course is ground-breaking!

I owe this course a lot. It saved me so much time, money, and grief. I was able to pass my written test with a 97% and then pass my checkride right at the FAA minimum of 40 hours.

I’m by no means a genius. Just an average guy with a dream to fly. This course made it all possible and saved me a ton of money that I can now go use to keep on fueling and flying!

I can’t recommend Jason’s course enough! A+++ You’re wasting time and money if you’re not using his ground school.

A Letter From The Founder

I really mean it when I say you’re going to love this course! I look forward to chatting with you LIVE every week during our popular Weekly Workshops and Q&A Sessions. It’s in these workshops (done via webinar) where we really get a chance to uncover any difficulties you may be having or shortcomings you may not even know you have. Where else do you get a chance to chat with the creator of the course LIVE and have a CFII at your disposal 24/7 to answer all your questions? I can’t wait to see you in the course! Remember… A GOOD Pilot is ALWAYS Learning!™ …See ya – Jason

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